“Brexit is the will of the British people” is complete nonsense

This mantra is clever propaganda but complete nonsense. We are duped.


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It’s a lie that needs to be contradicted firmly in Parliament and the news media including television. The facts are that of those who voted, only slightly more than half voted for leave. 51.9% voted for Brexit and 48.1% voted for Remain. However only 37% of the 46 million registered electorate voted for Brexit. Almost 13 million people did not vote at all. The UK as a whole is deeply divided: Scotland, Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK being in favour of Remain. There is an age divide: the younger you are the more likely you are to want Remain; the older you are the more likely to want Leave. It is the young whose future is most at stake. Yet 16 to 17 year olds, large numbers of whom were in favour of Remain, were denied the vote.

The referendum process was flawed. Senior politicians and many newspapers were irresponsible and lied. Dodgy financing and misuse of the internet were involved. A proper referendum on such an issue would require a super majority of say two thirds. But a referendum was inappropriate for such a complex issue.

Only now are the full damaging consequences of leaving the EU clear. Over three years after the vote, we have the benefit of full information and a greater understanding of the complexities of the issue, especially the economic consequences for Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the danger to the Good Friday Agreement. It is therefore appropriate to hold another people’s vote requiring a super majority for any decision.

A useful way of reaching consensus on complex issues such as membership of the European Union is the Citizens’ Assembly. We know that Brexit was a symptom of discontent. Put ordinary voters from both sides in a room and they may talk, listen and find a superior solution to the underlying issues. Such a process needs to be used in Parliament, instead of old-fashioned adversarial debate. People need to listen to each other. Consensus decision making is needed.

If you agree with me, please use your people power to lobby your MP or candidate and use social media.

I give participative talks on the big issues facing us. My most recent book is The 21st Century Revolution – A Call to Greatness  was Oxford Alumni Book of the Month for November 2016. Professor Katherine (Kathy) J. Willis, CBE, Principal of St Edmund Hall and Professor of Biodiversity, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford said I am greatly enjoying it; you write beautifully”.


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