Bruce NixonI am a veteran “change agent”, sustainability consultant, OD consultant, author, facilitator, speaker, business school teacher, activist, researcher and mentor. I gained corporate experience in UK, Jamaica and North America in many sectors, first in HR, later in strategic leadership development and internal consulting. Working in the Caribbean had a profound influence on how I see the world. In 1987 I started my own business as an independent management consultant, helping senior people lead strategic change and create better workplaces and providing training and development for consultants.

The focus of my work has changed: My main interest is sustainability, in the broadest sense, and how we can bring about system change in global society, as well as creating better workplaces. Now I work with people in many contexts – helping them make their lives, work, organisations, communities, and the world sustainable.

I am passionate about global justice and sustainability. Working at a strategic level has confronted me with global issues and what I see as an unsustainable and unfair economic system that makes it hard for business to act responsibly and serve people’s needs. Five and a half years in Jamaica and returning there several times recently had a big effect on me, as have visits to Cuba and India. Seeing the state of Jamaica on my last visit made me so angry, I decided to write my fourth book, LIVING SYSTEM – making sense of sustainability. Having done history at school and PPE at Oxford still influences me.

I am determined to do whatever I can to help people, including entrepreneurs, fundamentally change the global system. I support many NGOs and research groups working for systemic change. I belong to my hometown’s new Transition Towns steering group.

I love the countryside, mountains, trees, cultivating fragrant shrubs and flowers, fruit and vegetables, architecture, music, different cultures and hot countries, especially Jamaica, and Southern Europe. I live on the edge of the Chilterns.


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